Word of the Lord

ocument 1The Word of the Lord is Upon Me: The Righteous Performance of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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“Absolutely brilliant . . . Fantastic, an amazing book.” —Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

“Arguably the most creative book about King to date.”The Christian Century

“Rieder saves Martin Luther King, Jr., from the curse of canonization. . . .  A brilliant reading of King’s chameleon-like gift for effortlessly gliding . . .   between ethnic and universal idioms, between the street and theological seminars.” —Charles Johnson

“A marvelous book, really special.” —David Hollinger

“[A] rich, thoughtful new book . . .  Anyone who takes the time to peruse The Word of the Lord Is Upon Me will have no doubt: The real Martin Luther King Jr. more often sounded like Jeremiah Wright than like Barack Obama.” —David J. Garrow, Los Angeles Times Book Review

“All who revere the Good News of justice and reconciliation that King brought to our nation will be moved by Rieder’s pathbreaking account.”—E.J. Dionne, The Washington Post.

“Eye-opening . . . Rieder provides the best anatomy of King’s verbal imagination yet.” —Scott Saul, The Nation

“A stunning book . . . eloquent and original.” —Randall Kennedy

“Focusing on the words he spoke in public and in private, and examining his interactions with the blacks and whites who were closest to him, Rieder shows that attempts to define King in terms of white and black influences distort the man and his message. . . Invaluable.—Adam Fairclough, Washington Post Book World

“[The Word of the Lord Is Upon Me] does a service to King’s legacy, by lifting the layers of oversimplifying myth and legend to reveal a deeper, more complex man.”—Allison Samuels, Newsweek

“An extraordinary new book.”—Richard John Neuhaus, First Things