cq1.1.smallCommonQuest: The Magazine of  Black Jewish Relations


“Open up [the pages of CommmonQuest and be amazed.” —William Powers, The Washington Post

“The editors offer a chance to view the tempestuous world of race relations through a lens that is piercingly clear.”The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Sure, Common Quest magazine was never going to outsell The New Yorker. . . . But . . . it was provocative and also had a certain tongue-in-cheek humor: one cover story about blacks and Jews who worked together to create the R & B industry was titled ‘’Rhythm and Jews.’”—Alex Kuczynski, The New York Times

“Offering . . . some of the best writers on race and culture today, CommonQuest candidly cools the heat and sheds light on where we go from here as an increasingly diverse and multicultural nation. If you need to pick one magazine to take you into the next century, this is it.”—Clarence Page

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