CanarsieCanarsie: The Jews and Italians of Brooklyn Against Liberalism

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“The rise of Ronald Reagan and the politics of the 1980s surprised many of the country’s best-known analysts. . . Jonathan Rieder was in the right place at the right time -the streets and kitchens of Canarsie, Brooklyn- to understand what was actually happening (and going to happen next) in American politics.”-Richard Reeves

“A sparkling shower of insights . . . Intellectually exciting.”-American Journal of Sociology

“The best ethnography of a white community to appear in a decade, and should be read by every scholar in urban sociology, political sociology, and social movements. . . . Rieder has crafted a finely detailed portrait.” -Contemporary Sociology

“No scholarly book of recent memory better conveys the specific sense of outraged betrayal that swept through the urban precincts of the Democratic Party in the mid-1970s than does Jonathan Rieder’s brilliant study, Canarsie.” -Wilson Quarterly